The 5 best things to eat in Delhi this season

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If it’s Delhi, it’s got to be butter chicken, right? Not necessarily. We list the 5 most awesome dishes to try in the capital city.

A Delhi vacation in winter is an excellent idea. The city has the most charming weather this season, with foggy mornings and chilly nights complemented with delicious food. But there’s another upside to booking Hyderabad to Delhi flight this season: you get to sample some of Delhi’s most famous food!

Here’s what you should be trying out on your Delhi sojourn this season:

  1. Dal Makhani: Dal and rice are the ultimate comfort food, and it’s probably the one dish you crave on a cold winter evening. Dal makhani is a rich variation of the traditional homemade dal, and you can find it at most restaurants in Delhi. It is served with a soft phulka or naan, whichever you prefer.
  2. Dal Tadka: This is another variation of traditional dal, and it is normally paired with steamed or jeera rice. There are many ways to make it, depending on the combination of spices you use in the cooking. If you thicken the dal enough, you can even have it with roti or naan. It’s worth booking a Hyderabad to Delhi flight just to eat dal tadka at some of the best 5-star hotels in the city.
  3. Tawa Murgh Aminabadi: This succulent chicken dish warms you right up, and its slightly spicy zing energises your taste buds. It is sourced from the home kitchens of North India, though it is said to originate in Lucknow. The chicken is cooked in spiced gravy and eaten with hot butter naan. Wash it all down with fresh buttermilk or lassi to balance out the flavour.
  4. Biryani and beer: We know what you’re thinking – why travel all the way from Hyderabad, the land of all things biryani, just to eat biryani in Delhi? But therein lies the twist in the tale: there are several restaurants in Delhi that serve up flavourful biryani with a side of cold beer. It’s a great meal to share on an evening out with friends.
  5. Delhi has a profusion of Middle Eastern restaurants and street side stalls selling the usual suspects: shawarma, moutabel, falafel and khaboos. If you like this cuisine and have a penchant for juicy, fresh shawarma the likes of which you’ve probably not eaten back home, then head to the Lebanese restaurants in the Alaknanda locality. Trust us, the shawarmas here will make your Hyderabad to Delhi flight worth your while!