Free Things to Do In Broome

Free Things to Do In Broome

Are you headed to Broome? Why not take advantage of your trip to rent a campervan rental Australia and make a road trip out of it? There’s plenty to do in Australia and you might as well take the time to get to see as much as possible. Western Australia is home to many amazing and unique sites and places, so if you want to start somewhere iconic, this is the state to do so.

It’s true that it does cost a bit to travel in a campervan rental Australia, but guess what? There are plenty of free things to do in Australia and more specifically, plenty of free things to do in Broome. Whether you want to save money or not on your trip, cutting down on your expenses and enjoying free things is always a good idea, no matter where you go.

So, if you’re going to be visiting Broome and want to save money (so you can spend it on a campervan instead), here are some of the top free things to do in the city:

  • Go to the beach. It’s free. You won’t be charged for taking up some space on the sand, so if you love sunbathing, oceanfront views, and swimming in clear waters, then this is one of the best free things that you can do in Broome. Visit Cable Beach for a leisurely walk along the 22km long stretch—well, if you feel like walking that much. Town beach is a great spot for enjoying clear waters. It’s a good place to visit with the kids, thanks to the shallow waters and plenty of green areas to play in.
  • Go fishing at Broome wharf. You won’t be charged for fishing, so go ahead and enjoy one of many people’s pastimes at a spot where you’ll most likely get lucky catching something. It’s a relaxing thing to do and best of all, it’s free. If you’re not from around these parts, you’ll have the opportunity to get some unique catches.
  • Go bird watching at Broome Bird Observatory. You may love birds and love seeing new species wherever you go. If you are an avid bird watcher, then a visit to the Broome Bird Observatory may be just what you’re looking for when it comes to fun things to do in Broome.
  • Explore Chinatown. Chinatown is a unique spot in this Australian town. It is testament to the history of this town and you’ll find plenty of cute shops, cafes, and places to eat in this unique area of Broome. As the area where things happen, Chinatown should be on the your list of spots to check out in Broome, anyway.
  • Make a point of checking out all the quirky statues in Broome. One thing that is kind of funny in Broome is how many little unique sculptures are found in the city. Some people like to explore around Chinatown just to be able to see the unique art pieces and sculptures. It’s free, after all.
  • The landscapes in Broome and the surrounding areas are fascinating. The red rock against the turquoise blue waters makes a contrast that is as gorgeous as it is surprising. If you’re looking for a free experience that will allow you to capture Instagram worthy pictures, then head on out to Gantheaume Point which will reward you with fascinating views. Because Broome is small, you don’t have to limit yourself to staying in the town. There are plenty of beautiful places to visit nearby.
  • Check out the weekend markets. As with most Australian cities, the weekend is when you can really enjoy great little markets. While sure, you may have to spend to enjoy the markets, it’s free to browse and admire them. If you do want to spend a little while in Broome, these markets offer a lot in the way of trinkets to bring back home, local goodies, and fun crafts to admire.

There are many different places to see in Australia and western Australia in particular, but Broome will provide visitors with a unique experience while allowing you to enjoy a small-town vibe. It may not be Sydney or Melbourne, but because it’s not a big city, it’s easier to enjoy a calm and relaxing time.

Broome is a great stop for any western Australia road trip. If you want to spend time near crystalline waters and enjoy a unique experience, Broome is the place for you. As you consider travelling around Australia, make sure to consider what a visit to Broome could do for you.

We are certain that you haven’t seen many places like Broome. Plus, where else can you see dinosaur prints during low tide? If there were a number one reason to visit Broome, this would definitely be it—especially if you’re traveling with your little ones.