Escapade in Saint-Malo, spa and sand yacht

Escapade in Saint-Malo, spa and sand yacht

The advantage of many traveling around the world is that one re-discovers one’s own country with a new eye. After three months of traveling in Japan , I was actually taped by the city of Saint-Malo. I went there for a very specific reason: this is where the 4th edition of the Travel Bloggers Fair took placeFrancophones. It is an annual meeting that brings together travel bloggers and tourism professionals, and to which I am faithful, as much to find budding bloggers always a little scattered around the world to reflect on the evolution of this new profession and make new contacts. These few days at the Salon des blogueurs were an opportunity to combine business with pleasure and discover the city of Saint-Malo, its ramparts, its winding streets and beach

Visit Saint-Malo: culture, sport and relaxation

The city Malouine, as it is also called, offers an ideal mix between culture, sport and relaxation, since one can deepen its historical culture, do water sports and relax with thalassotherapy treatments.

Saint-Malo is a city with a very rich maritime history. Jacques Cartier , Duguay-Trouin , Robert Surcouf … We have all heard of these famous explorers and privateers who have sailed around the world. These three were from Saint-Malo and it’s fascinating to discover their history. The explorer Jacques Cartier “discovered” Canada (well after the Vikings anyway …) in the 16th century and the pirate Duguay-Trouin seized Rio-de-Janeiro in 1711. Unlike pirates, the Corsairs had the authorization of the King of France to fight and seize the wealth of enemy ships. It was also in Saint-Malo that was born the famous writer François-René de Chateaubriand, who was also a privateer and a great traveler.

To visit Saint-Malo, the ideal is first to go around the ramparts , to realize the unique situation of this fortified maritime city. Then we can stroll along the streets, while planning a visit to the castle , which houses the museum of history of history of the city, the Cathedral of Saint Vincent , where are the graves of Jacques Cartier and Duguay-Trouin and at the house of the corsair, the Hotel Asfeld , which was the house of François Auguste Magon de la Lande, a corsair of the King and merchant of the East India Company

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