For many people, choosing a hotel is simply part of preparing for a trip, it’s a decision like any other, just like buying a plane or train ticket! After all, what matters is what you do in the city you visit, right?

In reality, not quite! Good accommodation can make your trip even more enjoyable … and a bad experience can ruin your stay. This is worth asking the question: how to choose a hotel?

The choice of the hotel, essential for a successful trip

You may not realize it but choosing a quality hotel allows you, for example, to feel welcome , to start the day with a hearty breakfast, to have a good night’s sleep that allows you to better enjoy your days, to ask you at night in a comforting cocoon, to receive lots of tips and tricks to enjoy your stay … Small things, in itself … but that do a lot of good when we think back to his trip as a whole !

Conversely, poor accommodation can ruin your vacation.

I remember staying with a friend in a youth hostel when I was a student, the staff treated the travelers as no-goers and I was treated to a great “Slutty thing, move your bag” then I was queuing down the hall outside the front desk for check-in. I still remember it and I remember how much it hurt me and ruined my holiday.

Choosing a mediocre hotel is sometimes a bad night’s sleep because the neighborhood or the neighbors are noisy, ending up in front of the door late at night because the reception is closed and the night watchman does not answer, having a smell of pipes in the room or a bed of dubious hygiene, dying of hot or cold for lack of being able to regulate the heating or the air conditioning …

I even had some funny anecdotes : for example, I stayed in a hotel where the toilet bowl had been installed too close to the door, it was literally twisting to enter the room ^^

It’s been a long time since I made a “bad choice” so I’m going to share with you some tips learned along the way to find the perfect hotel !

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