5 tips for choosing a good hotel in New York

5 tips for choosing a good hotel in New York

For the best stay in New York, the choice of hotel is far from trivial. Here are my tips for making the right choice!A room at the Cambria Hotel, a beautiful address in the heart of Midtown.

If I propose you this article it is not without reason: at the beginning of November 2017, a young couple going on holiday in New York launched a call for help on our Facebook group Destination New York … Sophie and her friend had reserved to Blue Moon Hotel, an establishment that turned out to be absolutely despicable: “It’s a disaster! Sophie says, “It’s a dormitory with cockroaches !!!! Fortunately, thanks to the mobilization of the group, they were able to find a much more suitable hotel and enjoy New York. To avoid such a mishap, here are my 5 tips!

1 / Follow the recommended hotels

  • To choose a good hotel with your eyes closed, you can first follow the list of  recommended hotels in New York . This list includes hotels that enjoy excellent feedback from the blog team and members of the forum. The list goes from 2 * to 5 * to cover all budgets.
  • This list is obviously updated regularly, as and when feedback from each.

2 / Consult the reviews!

  • Before you book a hotel, check the web to see what people are saying! In particular, you can find the opinions of New York Forum members in the hotel tests section .
  • And if you do not find an opinion on a hotel that interests you, do not hesitate to send a call on the forum, in the Questions section before leaving for New York .

3 / Beware of prices too low

  • In terms of hospitality, the rule is simple in New York: the higher the prices, the higher the quality is at-go, and vice versa. A hotel at 50 € per night will never offer you the same services as a hotel at 150 € per night. If the price is unduly too low, it is because there is an eel under rock!
  • It is therefore necessary to compare prices to have a general market trend when you book. This will allow you to locate the hotels in relation to each other.

4 / Privilege a good location

  • For a good stay in New York, I advise you to choose the location of your hotel with care. If this is your first time in New York, I highly recommend choosing a hotel in Manhattan, the heart of New York.
  • The advantage of having a hotel in Manhattan is two-fold: you will live in the heart of the action, with New York at the bottom of the building, and, given the dense subway system in Manhattan, you’ll be necessarily close to a metro station. The ideal to discover New York!

5 / Contact the hotel in case of question

  • If you have any doubt about the hotel you intend to choose, do not hesitate to contact reception, by e-mail or by phone. This will allow you to remove any doubt, for example on the bathroom, the view, the location. Prevention is better than cure ! If the hotel is unable to respond to your requests, beware.
  • By contacting the hotel in advance, you can also request a room that will best meet your expectations, be it high floor or with views or quiet.

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