14 tips and tricks for traveling cheaper in Iceland

14 tips and tricks for traveling cheaper in Iceland

Iceland is a fabulous country to discover. But the downside, it is also a very expensive country and it is not easy to travel without spending too much money. Average budgets are usually 80 to 100 euros per day per person. I went there three times: in August 2006, November 2015 and July to September 2016. For my part, I was rather on an average of 50 euros per day. We can even spend a lot less if we have the adventurous spirit and we are not at all looking at its comfort … From this experience, here is a series of tips for traveling cheaper in Iceland.

1 / Enjoy cheap airline tickets

This is one of the reasons for the tourism boom in Iceland in recent years: the marketing of Icelandic companies Icelandair and Wow Air are engaged in a real price war on the transatlantic flight market. As a result, flights to Iceland have never been cheaper. These two companies propose the “stop-over” formula, which makes it possible to make a stopover of several days in Iceland during a transatlantic flight, without additional cost for the price of the ticket. This provides a first glimpse of the country. The third company that offers really good prices is Transavia, a low-cost subsidiary of the Air-France KLM group.
The best way to find a plane ticket at the best price is first to do a simulation on Google’s comparatorMatrix ita : you can not buy a ticket, but it gives you an idea about the good rates and the good dates. Then, we can compare with what we find on Skyscanner , which I really like the search function “over the whole month”. Excluding promotions, the average prices for a Paris-Reykjavik AR are between 150 and 300 euros. For the promo, you should aim for a trip in autumn, from October to December.

2 / Book in advance

Whether for airfare, car rental or hotel night, no need to hope for last-minute prices. The tourist success of Iceland makes everything fast enough and last-minute promotions practically non-existent. The only case where I found interesting prices at the last minute was in November, which is the trough of tourist activity in Iceland. If you are planning a trip to Iceland, it may be a good calculation to make reservations in case on Booking , a hotel booking site where most of the time the cancellation is free (to be checked on a case by case basis on each reservation)

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